New Hibbertia species in southwestern Australia

A new rare Hibbertia species (Hibbertia sejuncta K.R. Thiele & Nge; Dilleniaceae) just got described and published in the most recent issue of the Nuytsia journal, following our work on this group. Link to the article here

This new species differs from all other Western Australian Hibbertia by its combination of:

  •  stamens arranged all around the three glabrous carpels,
  • with two free stamens and three bundles of three stamens each,
  • linear, pilose leaves with the lamina very narrow but distinctly recurved either side of a prominent midrib.
Hibbertia sejuncta. Photo: Francis Nge

It is restricted in range, being confined to just several localities near Tenterden and Lake Muir, and hence is currently classified as a Priority Two species of conservation significance under the Department of Wildlife Conservation Codes for Western Australia Flora (under Hibbertia sp. Tenterden (M. Sowry 154) ).

This new species belongs in Hibbertia Andrew subgen. Hibbertia (Wheeler 2002), with close allies (based on morphological characters examined) to include:

  • H. helianthemoides (Turcz.) F.Muell
  • H. depressa (Steud.)
  • H. fitzgeraldensis J.R.Wheeler
  • H. hibbertioides (Steud.) J.R.Wheeler
  • H. notibractea J.R.Wheeler
  • H. rupicola (S.Moore) C.A.Gardner
  • H. sericosepala (as H. sp. Gnangara)
Similar to Hibbertia priceana, H. sejuncta also possesses stamens that are arranged all around three glabrous carpels, with two free stamens (red arrows) and three bundles of three stamens each (blue circle). Photo: Francis Nge



Thiele, K.R. & Nge, F. (2017). Hibbertia sejuncta, a new, rare species from Western Australia, with notes on H. helianthemoides. Nuytsia 28: 115–117.

Wheeler, J.R. (2002). A revision of Hibbertia depressa and its allies (Dilleniaceae) from Western Australia. Nuytsia 15, 127–138.